Consilience Group is thrilled to share that Sandra Allen, long time partner, is the 2021 recipient of the Jim Pryor Child Advocate Award. Sandra is a Licensed Advanced Practice Social Worker who has worked in social work for over thirty years, devoting her career to the promotion of young child and family wellbeing. It is with great enthusiasm that we join with seasoned practitioners across the state in celebrating the diverse accomplishments of her career, and her tireless commitment to children and families. 

As professionals and passionate believers in the critical importance of early childhood investment, we at Consilience Group have shared a twenty-year partnership with Sandra. Our work with her began with the inception of Early Success Coalition, a collective impact initiative to improve early childhood development and school readiness in Shelby County, TN. As a result of Sandra’s commitment to this effort and her ability to rally other key early childhood champions, the ESC now serves as the ‘go-to’ organization for young child development in Shelby County and a recognized model for the state of Tennessee. 

Working alongside Sandra has provided our team with an opportunity to grow in our own practice and understanding of the field. We are proud to serve as a continued partner with her, working together to strengthen both local and state early childhood support and infrastructure while ALWAYS holding the child and family at the center.