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We guide you in the adoption of smart digital technologies that are responsive to client service needs, streamline your business workflow, and capture critical data needed for insights and learning.

Organizations often lack clear blueprints to guide the development of complex technology solutions to support multi-dimensional service delivery needs. Our expert team clearly defines your functional needs, sorts through the myriad of modern technology options, and designs a digital solution tailored for your business.

Our approach:

  • Translate programmatic needs into concrete and feasible technical requirements
  • Maximize integrative tools across the data pipeline, including cloud-based database management and dashboard development for end users
  • Identify solutions that works within organizational budget and capacity constraints
  • Equip staff with knowledge of and skills to support ongoing maintenance and configuration needs

Our offerings include:

  • Digital Capacity and Needs Assessment
  • Technology Requirements Documentation
  • Technology Identification and Recommendations
  • Digital Adoption Plans
  • Technology Configuration Support
  • Staff Training and Digital Adoption Support

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Consilience Group consistently delivers high quality, meaningful work products. I am appreciative of their ongoing partnership and support.”

– Executive Officer, Association of Infant Mental Health in Tennessee

“Consilience Group used well-designed, well-thought-out products and processes to coax information from stakeholders and us, so we could be thoughtful about what we were ultimately trying to produce and do. They didn’t let me lose focus and chase the next shiny object. They steered the process. They broke it down and made it bite sized.”

– Director, State of Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

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