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We help you cultivate a sustained culture of learning and improvement.

Programs must be continually monitored and refined in order to effectively respond to the evolving needs of constituents and the service delivery landscape. We work with your team to adapt proven quality monitoring processes that equip all staff – from frontline personnel to executive leadership – with the tools and protocols they need to track fidelity, service volume, and overall effectiveness. Equipped with this knowledge, we help you institutionalize a cycle of reflection, learning, and programmatic adjustment informed by learnings.

Our approach:

  • Map and assess your data capture and measurement processes
  • Identify opportunities to streamline data capture and improve data quality
  • Visualize key indicator points to identify trends, insights, successes, challenges, and opportunities for improvement
  • Apply most current data capture, reporting, and storage best practices that adhere to privacy laws as well as recommended ethical practices
  • Align service delivery with contractual obligations while achieving broader desired change
  • Identify potential gaps in service delivery and opportunities for increased efficiency
  • Apply a Results Based Accountability™ methodology to define shared results and performance measures
  • Design rapid quality improvement to prototype solutions

Our offerings include:

  • Data collection protocols
  • Data literacy training and capacity building training
  • Data reporting, dashboard design, and analysis
  • Data visualization and analysis
  • Facilitated learning retreats and workshops
  • Improvement frameworks and plans
  • Learning reports
  • Results and performance measurement frameworks
  • Theory of Change/Logic Model development

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We worked with Consilience Group to develop our strategic plan four years ago. We are still referring back to their thorough implementation plan as we look to improve and continuously reassess the effectiveness of our work.”

– Chief of Staff, Just City

“The team at Consilience Group offered organization, experience, and expertise that helped us successfully achieve our project deliverables while always centering people. They demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion by ensuring every participant felt valued and empowered to be fully active in discussions. We would highly recommend Consilience for work in health equity and systems change.”

– Communication Coordinator, #HealthierMO Initiative

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