Our core principle is consilience, finding the common essence among different disciplines to move forward together. Consilience unleashes essential connections – person-to-person, organization-to-organization, system-to-system – to build comprehensive ‘no wrong door’ solutions for high performing equitable people-centered services.

We Believe

Solutions to community, system, organizational, family and individual challenges must be invoked and nurtured from within.
Effective solutions have people – not systems or services – at their center, providing equitable access to comprehensive, integrated resources through many points of entry.
Communities, systems, organizations, families and people are unique – effective solutions adapt proven practices to distinctive conditions.
The full range of stakeholders must authentically engage to co-create solutions enriched by diverse perspectives and viewpoints.

Effective, people-centered solutions require consilience – we are better and stronger when we work together.

Our “Celtic Tree of LIfe” logo is inspired by the interconnectedness of all things – the circle of life, above and below, that connects us through blended intelligences and unique perspectives for a whole greater than the sum of its parts.



We harness diverse data sets and human perspectives for critical insights to inform where and how to prioritize your resources.


We co create inter- and intra-organization strategic road maps with people who must implement them.


Service & System Design

We facilitate inter- and intra-organization teams to design people-centered models and supportive infrastructure.


We help organizations build conditions to catalyze and sustain system transformation with technical assistance, training, tools, and coaching.