We harness diverse data sets and human perspectives for critical insights to inform where and how to prioritize your resources.

People-centered systems and services operate in exceptionally complex landscapes. We partner with you to develop data-driven, objective pictures of multi-dimensional opportunities and challenges facing your clients, organization, and ecosystem partners. Our investigations are most often guided by a socio-ecological framework to map the layered factors impacting a people-centered ecosystem.

We prioritize first-hand insights from people most impacted by policy and practice to pinpoint what it really takes to foster sustainable transformation for ‘no wrong door’ solutions in your specific environment. This includes leaders at all levels in your organization, from the C-suite to the frontlines. Perhaps most importantly, we partner with your organization to deeply listen to the voices, stories and insights of the people served by your services and systems.

Our services include:

  • Best Practice Review and Adaptation Feasibility
  • Quantitative Data Analysis
  • Empathy-based Listening: Interviews, Focus Groups, Structured Conversations and Surveys
  • Participatory Asset Mapping
  •  Funding and Policy Analysis

“The Consilience team created a space and framework for our system to realistically look at our assets and how we needed to change to partner with inner city neighborhoods to reach our vision of the healthiest kids in the country.”

–Executive Vice President, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

“Consilience Group used well-designedwell-thought-out products and processes to coax information from stakeholders and us, so we could be thoughtful about what we were ultimately trying to produce and do. They didn’t let me lose focus and chase the next shiny object. They steered the process. They broke it down and made it bite-sized.”

–Director, Statistical Analysis Center, State of Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council