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We harness diverse data sets and human perspectives for critical insights.

Effective action is possible when your team is equipped with insights rooted in qualitative and quantitative data. Our assessment services provide you with the clarity you need to make informed decisions, appropriately allocate resources, and chart a path forward.

Our approach:

  • Deeply listen to the voices, stories, and insights of the people delivering and served by your services and systems
  • Utilize insights from diverse data sets and human perspectives to inform resource prioritization
  • Define and communicate the value of your work in a way that resonates with key audiences and stakeholders
  • Map the layered factors impacting your operations

Our offerings include:

  • Community Needs Assessment
  • Digital Capacity Needs Assessment
  • Early Childhood Alignment Assessment
  • Health Equity Assessment
  • Landscape and Opportunity Assessment
  • Program and Service Benchmarking
  • Program and Service Impact Assessment
  • Survey Design, Facilitation, and Analysis
  • System of Care Capacity Assessment
  • System and Services Alignment Assessment

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The Consilience team created a space and framework for our system to realistically look at our assets and how we needed to change to partner with inner city neighborhoods to reach our vision of the healthiest kids in the country.”

– Executive Vice President, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

“Consilience Group used well-designed, well-thought-out products and processes to coax information from stakeholders and us, so we could be thoughtful about what we were ultimately trying to produce and do. They didn’t let me lose focus and chase the next shiny object. They steered the process. They broke it down and made it bite sized.”

– Director, State of Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

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