Aligned data and learning for highest philanthropic impact

Aligned data and learning for highest philanthropic impact
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Hyde Family Foundation (HFF), founded by AutoZone founder Pitt Hyde, identifies, creates, and supports high-impact initiatives in Memphis, focusing on four distinct impact areas: High-Quality Education, Vibrant Spaces and Communities, Thriving Arts and Culture, and Engaged Leadership and Civic Pride. Beginning in January 2018, Consilience Group has worked to support the implementation of the Foundation’s Impact 2022 strategic plan and Theory of Action. Specifically, we have developed and supported the implementation of their continuous learning culture and framework. Our work has included the integration of learning and evaluation tools and processes, facilitation of annual retreats, development of quarterly spotlight dashboards for each impact area’s strategic implementation plan, and design and maintenance of an annual Theory of Action dashboard.  The retreats allow time for HFF leadership and community partners to consider foundation-wide and impact area-specific strategic learning questions to reflect on the past year and adjust strategy accordingly. The annual dashboard includes population and foundation-level metrics for each impact area as they align with the three strategic pillars. We have also worked with HFF to align the grants management process with the Impact 2022 strategic plan.


As a result of this work, HFF is able to more effectively identify opportunities for current grantee capacity building as well as needs for future grantmaking. The continuous learning framework provides HFF with a structure that surfaces insights regarding their own areas of strength and weakness, helps them prioritize their internal human capital, pivot on approach as needed, effectively communicate learnings and opportunities to their Board of Trustees, and ultimately ensure the greatest community impact from their investments.

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