Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

We cocreate inter- and intra-organization strategic roadmaps with people who must implement them.

We measure the success of our strategy and planning by the degree they drive aligned, transformative action. We’ve helped hundreds of social sector organizations and cross-sector groups develop comprehensive, accountable, and action-oriented strategic plans. Our engaging human-centered strategy and planning methods inspire and support your diverse stakeholders to map — and own — a clear course for your collective future.

Most of our planning projects take a socio-ecological perspective to address multiple layers of systems and services, and many apply system of care principles for integrated, culturally-responsive service and system strategies. We help your stakeholders clearly define shared accountability and metrics for Results-Based Accountability™ to drive shared results. And we help you prioritize policies and investments to ensure that targeted populations get what they need to reach universal goals for community well-being through a targeted universalism approach.

Our services include:

  • Stakeholder Communications and Engagement Support
  • Participatory and Collaborative Planning Workshops
  • Strategic Frameworks and Actionable, Accountable Workplans
  • Results-Based Performance Management Frameworks
  • Collaborative Governance Design

“Consilience Group fostered inclusive, safe spaces for working through challenging issues. They have helped us synthesize and articulate complex, multi-dimensional factors into accessible models and frameworks to engage hundreds of stakeholders to co-create an enterprise roadmap and strengthen organizational capacity for health equity as a foundation of our work for years to come.”

–Managing Director, Healthy Communities, American Cancer Society

“Consilience Group gave constructive insight and pushed a conversation toward a common goal to help service providers and funders see from the other side of the glass, where normally people shut down. People say we’ve been working on this for three or four years, and we’re still in the same place. That’s not an option when you’re working with Consilience Group. They made sure we don’t waste our time and our resources, and helped us see opportunities right in front of our noses that we were too busy to see.”

–Victim Services Project Coordinator, State of Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council