CalOptima Health Nonprofit Healthcare Academy

CalOptima Health Nonprofit Healthcare Academy
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Made possible through the adoption of a Section 1115 Medicaid Waiver, California’s Medicaid
program, Medi-Cal, is leveraging Medicaid funding to pay for select social services. The state
launched CalAIM, a multi-year initiative to improve health outcomes by addressing the
underlying Social Drivers of Health (SDoH) and increasing accessibility to services. This strategy
recognizes that factors like housing, food insecurity, and substance use can significantly impact
well-being. CalAIM engages social care providers who are well-connected to traditionally
underserved populations to increase service efficiency and accessibility. However, these
organizations often have limited experience working directly with Medicaid-managed care
plans or capacity to expand services. Recognizing this inherent challenge, CalOptima, a publicly
funded managed care plan serving Orange County, California, is investing heavily in building the
capacity of these critical community-based social care providers.

In 2023, As part of this capacity-building commitment, CalOptima engaged Consilience Group to
design and deliver the Nonprofit Healthcare Academy (NPHA). Organizations selected to
participate in the NPHA represent a range of social support providers delivering services to
Medi-Cal members representing the hardest-to-reach individuals and considered populations of
focus. Key partners in this effort included Quantified Ventures and Aquilar Professional


Delivered over six–months, this cohort-based training and technical assistance program combined both in-person and virtual technical assistance aimed at building the capacity of twenty nonprofits to access Medicaid funding in support of their social care programs and services. Live on-site events were designed to be highly experiential, with a focus on establishing a ‘listening space’ and opportunities to begin or deepen relationships among participants and CalOptima. In addition to group training, each participating organization also received one-on-one targeted technical assistance. Upon completion of the NPHA, participants were equipped to assess specific contracting opportunities with CalOptima and further developed their capacity and readiness to respond to aligned opportunities.

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