We help organizations build conditions to catalyze and sustain system transformation with technical assistance, training, tools, and coaching.

Transformational change for people-centered systems often calls for new mindsets, structures, knowledge and skills. We equip and engage inter- and intra-agency teams and cohorts in new ways of thinking and working. Our change management expertise can enhance your organizational structures, tools and processes, and our high-impact experiential workshops support the application of concepts for new, sustained action.
  • Organizational and Professional Development: We provide consulting and technical assistance on organizational processes, tools and programs to drive change for people-centered resources and solutions with a focus on building infrastructure for internal and external partnership. These services include tailored training and coaching to build shared commitment, knowledge and skills for sustained change.
  • Cohort- and Program-Based Technical Assistance: Our blend of group learning and individualized coaching can help your groups and peer networks build knowledge and skills to build comprehensive services and systems, as well as support project implementation within the collaborative as well as in individual stakeholder organizations.
  • Targeted Short-Term Staffing: When you want to move faster than your in-house resources allow, we can provide analysts, designers and project-based staff as short-term “adjunct” team members.

“Our strategic partnership with Consilience Group is essential to our Cities of Opportunity Initiative. Their expertise in cross-sector system transformation and technical assistance design helps us deliver an innovative ‘city-centered, context-specific’ approach that has truly accelerated the work of our CoO city teams. But perhaps what the value most is Consilience Group’s passion and authentic commitment to the success of our city partners across the country.”

–Director, Health & Wellness, Institute for Youth, Education and Families, National League of Cities

“Consilience Group workshops are illuminating, fun, disquieting, practical, and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your gifts and for showing the Fellows they have the potential to not only heal individuals but whole communities.”

–Program Manager, Health Policy Fellowship, American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine