We help organizations build conditions to catalyze and sustain system transformation with technical assistance, training, tools, and coaching.

Transformational change for people-centered systems often calls for new mindsets, structures, knowledge and skills. We equip and engage inter- and intra-agency teams and cohorts in new ways of thinking and working. Our change management expertise can enhance your organizational structures, tools and processes, and our high-impact experiential workshops support the application of concepts for new, sustained action.
  • Organizational and Professional Development: We provide consulting and technical assistance on organizational processes, tools and programs to drive change for people-centered resources and solutions with a focus on building infrastructure for internal and external partnership. These services include tailored training and coaching to build shared commitment, knowledge and skills for sustained change.
  • Cohort- and Program-Based Technical Assistance: Our blend of group learning and individualized coaching can help your groups and peer networks build knowledge and skills to build comprehensive services and systems, as well as support project implementation within the collaborative as well as in individual stakeholder organizations.
  • Targeted Short-Term Staffing: When you want to move faster than your in-house resources allow, we can provide analysts, designers and project-based staff as short-term “adjunct” team members.

Example Projects

Experiential Learning: Selected Participant Comments

“Your workshops are illuminating, fun, disquieting, practical and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your gifts and for showing the Fellows they have the potential to not only heal individuals but whole communities.” – Program Manager, National Health Policy Institute

“Forced me out of my comfort zone. The exercise showcased how policy can create unmanageable systems. It was disturbing – which was the point.” – Physician Leader, Medical School Administrator

“This walk in the client’s and provider’s shoes is very effective. Hope you reach city leaders and lawmakers.” – Executive Director, Community Action Agency

“I was skeptical about the simulation at first but it provided a terrific lens…it will help me work with partners and help make strategy ideas that will help them help others and help us help our partners.” – Healthcare System Administrator



We harness diverse data sets and human perspectives for critical insights to inform where and how to prioritize your resources.


We co create inter- and intra-organization strategic road maps with people who must implement them.


Service & System Design

We facilitate inter- and intra-organization teams to design people-centered models and supportive infrastructure.


We help organizations build conditions to catalyze and sustain system transformation with technical assistance, training, tools, and coaching.