Kristen Hergenrother, MHA

Driven by a commitment to service and human impact, Kristen has spent her career as a technology consultant ensuring the effective translation of data into actionable information, improving the efficiency and efficacy of information technology in order to better serve communities.

As an independent consultant, Kristen worked with the St. Louis Regional Health Commission, preparing presentation deliverables in order to improve healthcare outcomes to underserved populations throughout St. Louis city and county.

Prior to that, Kristen served as a senior consultant at Cap Gemini Ernst and Young, where she worked in multiple capacities to improve and standardize processes and procedures for major healthcare and financial services clients, helping clients make choices to streamline and standardize services and systems, training and mentoring staff consultants, as well as ensuring effective knowledge transfer between project teams within CGE&Y. Among other projects, Kristen oversaw implementation of a Microsoft Access tool suite at over a dozen hospitals, assessing and improving their processes and procedures.

Kristen earned her Master of Health Administration and her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at University of Missouri, Columbia, where she also taught Computer Applications. From her work as a consultant, to the classroom, to managing a household and family, Kristen is committed to leveraging her analytic skills for the good, in order to translate data into knowledge, and knowledge into action, affecting change and improving quality of services and quality of life for those she serves. Kristen lives in St. Louis with her family.