Amy Verghese

Systems Transformation Summer Intern

Amy Varghese (she/her) is a systems thinker passionate about integrating wellness, consumer behavior, and cultural insights to drive systemic change. With a BFA in Lifestyle Accessory Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, India and an MFA in Design Management from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Amy brings an informed perspective to her work at the intersection of social impact and systems change. Her research, including an ongoing thesis on beauty behavior among East and South Asian Gen Zs, reflects her dedication to understanding cross-cultural consumer dynamics and the anthropology of consumption.

Amy’s passion lies in analyzing cultural frameworks, dissecting consumer identity construction, and applying advanced anthropological methodologies to  consumer behavior studies. Her deep spirit of inquiry into transcultural consumer patterns and socio-cultural determinants of wellness enables her to craft strategies that are culturally resonant, and relevant to diverse audiences. Most of Amy’s previous experience has been in the fashion, lifestyle, and consumer sectors, where she has honed her skills in understanding and influencing consumer behavior. In her approach to problem-solving and solution engineering, Amy leverages her formal design training to identify common goals, and align resources, all while emphasizing the integration of cultural insights into
business processes.