Amalie Vacanti

Research Assistant

Amalie Vacanti (she/her) is a dedicated learner and researcher with a passion for cultural anthropology and reproductive justice. She seeks to center compassion in her life and work and looks to engage deeply with diverse topics, perspectives, and approaches. She utilizes rigorous research, analysis, and synthesis to build evidence-based products that are responsive to the complex needs of the organizations she works with.

Outside of her work with Consilience Group, Amalie is a member of the Midwest Doula Research Collective, a Hillman Intern at the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics, and a Resident Assistant at DePauw University. She has garnered extensive quantitative and qualitative experience conducting academic research, with her most recent project focused on the development of 3-dimensional digital archaeological exhibitions.

Amalie is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology as an Honor Scholar at DePauw University. In her free time, she loves to read, cook, complete crossword puzzles, and spend time with her loved ones.