Jackson McNeil, MCRP

Jackson brings his passion for broad-based development coupled with his targeted transportation equity planning expertise. Jackson’s career has been shaped by his desire to help empower all people to make informed decisions about their communities and the built environments. He is committed to nurturing authentic and trusting relationships and improving the structures and processes that shape service delivery, all with the goal of driving meaningful outcomes for individuals and communities.

In addition to partnering with Consilience Group on various strategic engagements, Jackson is the Transportation & Mobility Director for Commute Options with Innovate Memphis and has worked for the New York City Department of Transportation, serving as an internal equity consultant. He has deep roots in Memphis, Tennessee, where he has worked in various initiatives to increase equity and improve outcomes across domains including transportation, workforce development, housing and community development, and urban planning.

Jackson holds a Master of City and Regional Planning from University of Memphis and a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Rhodes College. He lives in Memphis with his family and enjoys recharging in the green spaces that are the counterparts to and made possible by the urban landscapes he works to help improve.