Anaïs March

Systems Transformation Summer Intern

Anaïs March (she/her) is driven by a deep commitment to creating solutions that promote human rights and foster sustainable development with nuanced research, design, and implementation. Through her work with organizations such as Atlas Network and PeaceJam, Anaïs has promoted equity and empowered communities to be agents of change through project management, strategic storytelling, program coordination, and cross-cultural communication. She also created and managed the launch of a social impact initiative in Colombia. After transferring from Miami Dade College, Anaïs earned her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a minor in Sociology from American University as well as a Diploma in Humanities and Global Challenges from Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid. She adds an interdisciplinary perspective to her work, grounded in an understanding of cultural dynamics and social inequalities.

As a Systems Transformation Summer Intern, Anaïs is excited to immerse herself in the world of systems thinking and collaborative problem-solving. With a commitment to learning and growth, she looks forward to contributing to Consilience Group’s mission of promoting holistic solutions for sustainable development while gaining valuable experience in driving meaningful change.