Service & Systems Design

Service & Systems Design

We facilitate inter- and intra-organization teams to design people-centered models and supportive infrastructure.

Putting people at the center often means that organizations and systems have to transform “on the ground” services. Our specialty is working within and across multi-service organizations and systems to leverage ‘consilience’ – the common essence among diverse entities – to balance individual agency priorities for common goals.

We work with you and your partners – including the people you serve – to design “no wrong door” access to comprehensive resources guided by a 2-Generation approach that simultaneously serves children and adults in families. We engage your stakeholders with human-centered design practices enhanced with a consilience lens to integrate multiple resources, such as early childhood development, workforce and adult education, healthcare, social services, and housing into holistic models.

Our skillful facilitation and design expertise deliver actionable blueprints for service and partnership implementation, along with supportive infrastructures like shared data systems and workforce development.

Our services include:

  • Agency/System Readiness Assessment for Integrated Services
  • Leadership and Governance Structure Design
  • Collaborative Partnerships: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Shared Performance Metrics
  • Person-Centered Service Delivery Model: Prototype Design
  • Business Process and Workflow Design
  • Protocol Manuals, Implementation Toolkits and Shared Implementation Plans
  • Functional Requirements for Shared Data Systems
Collaborative groups often need short-term support to launch cross-system services. Our suite of launch support services provides these resources.

“Having an outside, neutral facilitator like Consilience Group has been essential to our coalition’s success in system transformation. But Consilience Group has been much more than that. Sometimes we call them consultants, but even that is not entirely accurate — they are true partners. The Consilience team has supported every phase of our growth over the years, from winning new grants and designing new service models and tools, to facilitating stakeholders across agencies and sectors in developing shared outcomes and shared client data system. Maybe most importantly, they are passionately committed to our mission and our values.”

–Program Director, Le Bonheur Community Health and Wellness; Administrator, Shelby County Office of Early Childhood and Youth-Early Success Coalition Co-Chairs