Creative Aging helps people move into their later years with grace, dignity and empowerment by engaging in visual and performing arts.

Creative Aging launched in 2003 to bring the arts to older adults where they live or meet. Through the hard work of a lean staff and numerous volunteers, Creative Aging has grown over time in the number and variety of artistic performances offered and communities served. With a desire to enhance its programming and more fully leverage the passion and strengths of its Board, in 2015 Creative Aging engaged Consilience Group (CG) to develop a three-year strategic plan.

CG designed and facilitated a streamlined planning process for executive staff and board to uncover organization strengths and weaknesses, and collaboratively prioritize opportunities. A team of board and staff continued this collaborative process, developing goals, strategies, and action initiatives. CG provided staff technical assistance to create detailed implementation initiative work plans, and equipped leadership to manage implementation. With a clear roadmap and performance management tools, Creative Aging was poised to enhance services for older people across the community.


CG’s participatory process helped Creative Aging engage board and staff, from planning into implementation. Staff leveraged momentum generated by the planning process to gain further insights from donors, board, and artists through surveys and focus groups.These insights shaped new community programs, including an expanded senior arts program premiering in March 2016 for seniors living independently throughout the Memphis area.

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