Sustainable change happens from the inside-out. Our workshops and retreats build capacity from C-suite to front line as the foundation for courageous, compassionate and skillful action.

Our flexible suite of experiential learning modules help healthcare and social sector leaders, providers, administrators, front-line staff and students strengthen knowledge, skills and supportive cultures for equity. Our foundational tool is the Social Determinants Empathy Workshop, a short, intense improvisational experience that fosters direct emotional “aha’s” for increased insights to address the social determinants of health, equity, bias, cultural humility and person-centered care.

Workshops and retreats are tailored with our proven modules for specific audiences. Over 85% of participants across audiences and workshop types report better understanding and insights about attitudes that can create barriers to, or improve the impact of, services for people facing economic disadvantage.

Depending on the audience and context, participants have committed to, or have implemented, the following changes:

  • Improved self-care and stress reduction techniques for both providers and people serviced
  • Greater use of empathetic communication with service recipients and provider partners
  • Improvements in administrative policies and procedures for better person-centered care
  • Additional or strengthened partnerships for integrated service delivery and community health
  • Improved service delivery coordination across organizational and community silos
  • Strategies for advocacy and public policy improvements


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