Improving justice and safety requires alignment across an intentionally adversarial system. We foster collaboration for change.

In Shelby County, Tennessee, top law enforcement, public defense, government and business leaders have long worked together for safer streets and more equitable justice. We help them accelerate this work with services to foster collaborative solutions to improve systems and programs.

Our practice launched in 1999 with an information system design to support jail diversion for people with mental health disorders, and continued with a cross-sector system of care design to keep kids from contact with juvenile justice due to unmet mental health needs. Since then, our strategy and operational design services have supported new cross-sector service delivery models for comprehensive people-, family- and neighborhood-centered services to reduce violence and rebuild lives. These models often connect with our work in healthcare and social services resources to address challenges like trauma, housing, behavioral health and substance abuse, chronic health issues, domestic violence, employment and community development.

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