We extend our client teams with expert short-term bandwidth to support start-ups, facilitate operational change and launch innovation.

Collaborative efforts often result in new organizations or structures. Launching innovation inside existing structures requires short-term resources until change is adopted. Oftentimes people want to get started on a new venture without full staffing in place, and existing organizations often don’t maintain full-time resources to launch in-house innovation. Even with in-house expertise, sometimes the speed of change requires extra short-term capacity.

When organizations want to move faster than resources in place allow, we provide analysts, designers and project-based staff as short-term “adjunct” team members. Our clients’ staff frequently benefit from more hands and expert guidance on implementing new processes, programs and services. Our services build our clients’ long-term capacity with training, technical assistance and coaching for performance management and other support.

Our services include:

  • Operational Design: Roles, Responsibilities and Protocols
  • Business Process and Workflow Design
  • Functional Business Requirements for Data Systems
  • Change Management Support
  • Technical Assistance, Training and Coaching