We help agencies and systems better meet human needs and foster client strengths on their journeys from survive to thrive.

Today’s human and social service providers face transformational change. Public and private funders expect measurable results and long-term impact. Behavioral science confirms that needs-based service delivery must evolve to leverage strengths, efficacy and dignity.

Over the past fifteen years, we’ve delivered services from strategy planning, policy design and funding analysis to on-the-ground service design and support for efforts ranging from public sector system transformation to faith-based grassroots start-ups. We have particular expertise in supportive housing and wraparound models for people returning to the workforce from public assistance or incarceration.

Much of our work engages stakeholders to design cross-sector service partnerships for people- and family-centered access to comprehensive resources. These models often incorporate healthcare and justice resources to address substance abuse, chronic health issues, domestic violence, and employment discrimination for people reentering society. Our work has helped our clients strengthen an array of services to promote social, psychological and spiritual wellness in ways that motivate and empower the people they serve.



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