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Who We Are

We are a mission-driven systems transformation firm committed to the physical, mental, social, and economic wellbeing of all people and communities.

We work within and across sectors, systems and organizations to align and integrate policy and practices for equitable people-centered services.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Consilience Group used well-designed, well-thought-out products and processes to coax information from stakeholders and us, so we could be thoughtful about what we were ultimately trying to produce and do. They didn’t let me lose focus and chase the next shiny object. They steered the process. They broke it down and made it bite-sized.”

– Director, Statistical Analysis Center, State of Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

“Consilience Group fostered inclusive, safe spaces for working through challenging issues. They have helped us synthesize and articulate complex, multi-dimensional factors into accessible models and frameworks to engage hundreds of stakeholders to co-create an enterprise roadmap and strengthen organizational capacity for health equity as a foundation of our work for years to come.”

– Managing Director, Healthy Communities, American Cancer Society

“The team at Consilience Group offered organization, experience, and expertise that helped us successfully achieve our project deliverables while always centering people. They demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion by ensuring every participant felt valued and empowered to be fully active in discussions. We would highly recommend Consilience for work in health equity and systems change.”

– Communication Coordinator, #HealthierMO Initiative

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