We help strengthen “cradle-through-career” resources for academic and workforce success.

Urban education reform is an urgent issue of the day. Our focus in this multi-faceted landscape is to help strengthen “cradle-through-career” resources and partnerships that break through barriers to academic and workforce success.

Our strategy and operational planning and on-the-ground service design services support local and statewide efforts including K-12 funding reform, collective action for “cradle-to-career” pipelines, system-level initiatives addressing school attendance and coordinated school health and organization plans for pre-K, secondary and post-secondary institutions.

We have supported numerous cross-sector service partnerships for student- and family-centered access to comprehensive resources. Our collaborative design processes have been used to develop successful service models to boost academic and workforce success for special populations, including pregnant and parenting teens, children living in neighborhoods with high levels of violence, students with serious emotional disturbance, disconnected youth ages 16 – 24, adults transitioning from public assistance and people returning to the community from incarceration.



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