Our Consilience by Design™ method supports stakeholders to design innovative, integrated people-centered services and systems.

Putting people at the center of services often means that organizations and systems have to coordinate resources in new ways. Our Consilience by Design™ (CxD) process enhances traditional human-centered design practices with a consilience lens and deep expertise in people-centered services that integrate healthcare, social services and other resources for well-being. Our neutral, skillful facilitation balances individual stakeholder priorities with common goals, and develop defined roadmaps, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for integrated services.

Our CxD method delivers:

  • Shared Performance Metrics
  • Person-Centered Service Delivery Model: Prototype Design
  • Leadership and Governance Structure Design
  • Collaborative Partnerships: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Functional Business Requirements for Shared Data Systems
  • Protocol Manuals and Shared Implementation Plans

Collaborative groups often need short-term support to launch cross-system services. Our suite of launch support services provides these resources.