Our clients work to unleash capacity of the people they serve. We help unleash internal capacity to accomplish this aim.


… stakeholders for shared vision.

Engage stakeholders to focus their intrinsic purpose and passion on clear goals.


… stakeholders for shared roadmap.

Facilitate decisionmaking based on data and diverse integrated perspectives.


… stakeholders for collaborative action.

Provide design, project management, and technical assistance to launch execution.

‘Consilience’ means finding common essence among principles from different disciplines to form a comprehensive theory. We apply consilience to unleash essential connections – person-to-person, organization-to-organization, system-to-system – to tackle complex social issues.

Our method enhances traditional human-centered design with a consilience lens to deeply engage and mobilize stakeholders for comprehensive strategies. We use this method for all our services, including strategy and planning, operational design and launch support for individual organizations, integrated cross-sector services and collective impact.